Intel Based Server Platforms

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This page last updated: May 25, 2013

Intel Based Server Platforms:

Our Single or Multi-Processor Intel based servers are designed using Intel Server Platform motherboards with single or dual high performance CPU modules. These systems come complete with the Solaris x/86 2.10 operating system installed on an internal Seagate UltraWide SCSI hard drive.


  1. With additional server software packages, your system can be configured to provide NFS, Novell and NT Services in addition to the built-in internet services included with the Sun Solaris operating system. 

  2. These systems provide a strong entry-level internet server at low cost price point, these servers are also well suited for use as small office workgroup-network file server. 

  3. All servers are designed and configured in accordance with each customer's unique computing, storage and application requirements. 

  4. Fault-Tolerant Power and Disk Storage Options are available on this server platform.


  1. Intel branded motherboard and CPU modules for quality assurance. 

  2. Industrial grade single or dual-redundant Hot-Swap power supplies, 300 or 400 watts. 

  3. On-Board UltraWide internal SCSI controller.

  4. Seagate UltraWide SCSI hard disk storage options include Hot-Swappable mirror and RAID configurations. 

  5. On-Board 10/100 Ethernet interface.