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This page last updated: May 25, 2013

Internet Services:

We provide network services (web hosting, secure/private ftp, DNS, E-Mail and remote backup services) for a select group of businesses.   3Pco Network Services has been providing businesses with an internet presence since 1995.

Web Hosting:

Our web services include hosting of domains to give your business a reliable high-speed Internet presence.

Corporate E-Mail:

E-Mail services include IMAP/POP/SMTP mail servers for your entire domain.  We manage the mail accounts for your domains on our always connected server.  No need to maintain your own in-house mail server system - we setup and modify your domain names, mail addresses, accounts and mailboxes for you.

Secure ftp Service:

Private ftp services are available for your business using our secure ftp server and RAID disk storage system.  Your corporate network remains secure behind its firewall - use our network for your remote file transfer services.

Remote Backup and Storage Services:

3Pco Network Services has partnered with Vault Services to provide secure encrypted automated remote backup services for your files.  Automated backups of your NAS, servers and/or workstations.