Network Attached Storage Systems

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This page last updated: May 25, 2013

Network Attached Storage Systems:

Our Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are design built to serve as stand alone file server systems or as supplemental storage systems and backup devices.


  1. Scalable in both size and functionality - workgroup or enterprise class systems can be configured in capacities from gigabytes to terabytes.

  2. Dual use as backup server. 

  3. Reliable RAID systems with Hot-Swappable disk drives.

  4. Low cost mass storage system.


  1. Multi-protocol networking supports Windows networking (smb), Apple File Protocol (afp), Solaris/Unix/Linux (nfs) and web access (https).

  2. Fully programmable automatic backup routines - supports both internal and remote encrypted backups to vault service. 

  3. Backup support for Mac (time machine), Solaris/Unix/Linux (rsync), and Windows (smb).

  4. Document server capable (scan directly to NAS). 

  5. Rackmount or standard chassis configurations available.

  6. Disk storage options include Hot-Swappable mirror and RAID configurations. 

  7. Single/Dual on-board 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces.